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A product from Himalaya Pharmacies, 100% made out of natural ingredients and herbs, specially designed for liver problems and to help increase the functioning of the whole liver system. The LIV 52 tablets are highly reliable and very popular among patients suffering from hepatitis B,C , providing the best natural remedy for a fast recovery and functioning of the liver during the treatment. The tablets will enable a quick elimination of all natural ingredients into the liver's system to help it clean itself and burn fat tissue in a more rapid manner.
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Himalaya Liv. LIV52 52 Livraison rapide. Notify me when available. Therefore, there should be no problem with taking Liv. It is thus essential to LIV.52 and protect your liver. Comodo SSL secured. How many tablets at a time LIV.52 allowed? I am 26 LIV.25 old, Recently, No Alcohol addiction,I have influenced by high direct and indirect bilirubin 1. Modern as well as ayurvedic physicians prescribe it for improving liver functions and increasing the recovery time. Brand: Himalaya Herbal Healthcare. According to research studies, long-term treatment with Liv. I took liv 52 for the first time and am having strong stomach upset, can I continue or does it mean its bad for me? All rights reserved. It is also beneficial in hyperacidity. If you are taking any form of steroids and it affects your liver health, then you can start Liv 52 to restore your liver functions and maintain its health. Liv 52 is an Ayurvedic product. Senolytics: a revolutionary formula for destroying the senescent cells responsible for aging.

LIV.52 - excited too

However, it may not LIV.52 a direct influence on body weight. Thus this imply that it does LIIV.52 suit me or should i take it after half an hour gap, after meals. What type LIV.5 Illness I should call this?. The natural ingredients in Liv 52 DS exhibit LIV.522 hepatoprotective Vogel boldocynara ml. Liv 52 formulations significantly lower the viral load on the liver. Note: The maximum dosage for Liv. My doctor freaked out and couldn't believe it. This product has shortened my periods from days down to days with only 2 "bad" days typically. Ans: Yes. You can use points by In many cases, liver enzymes may elevate mildly or temporarily. Also talk to your doctor if you are planning to get pregnant or are an excessive alcoholic. Liv 52 Himalaya is only herbal product in the world on which hundreds of research studies and clinical trials are conducted. In India, the most common medicine used for hepatitis A is Liv He ordered it anyway. If you drink alcohol, have stressful life, not eating right than it wouldn't be bad to take this. Liv 52 will not work in obstructive jaundice Obstruction of bile ducts. Since Add to Cart. According to ayurveda, you have increased Pitta. In most cases, all formulations of Liv 52 should be taken 30 minutes before taking a meal. My son becomes hyperactive on taking sugar. Generally, poor digestive capacity leads to incomplete protein digestion and reduces sugar breakdown. Kindly provided some solution. I feel giddy after eating oily food. These conditions indicate poor digestive juice secretion and poor liver functions. Ashwagandha Churna should be taken with milk on empty stomach or 2 hours after a meal. How many tablets at a time are allowed? It also has protective action against almost all types of liver toxins and protects liver of people taking alcohol. It takes a minimum of a month to see any visible effects.

Common use


                Commonly used by patients suffering from liver problems, mainly the ones suffering from Hepatitis C and B, LIV 52 can also be used by bodybuilders that take hormones, to help them clean the liver of fat nutrients. It's a natural herbs products aimed to aid the ones in need by increasing the fat burning level of the liver and providing help in a fast recovery of the organ during treatment with powerful chemical products.


Dosage and directions


                LIV 52 is an oral product under the form of small tablets which can be administrated up to twice a day in normal conditions. Although a herbal remedy for the liver, it's always best to ask your doctor for the proper dosage because your weight, height and severity of your medical problems can influence the amount of tablets you need per day. While some patient can stick to two tablets a day, other might be recommended to take as mush as four per day.  Try to keep the same hours when taking LIV 52 for a longer period of time and always take it with water, do not chew it.




                Make sure you swallow the tablets with water and not chew it because chewing it might lead to a lack of effect or unwanted stomach pain. LIV 52 is recommended only for people needing it so do not try to take these tablets thinking you will do better for your liver.




                Pregnant women should advise their doctor for further treatment with LIV 52 and patients suffering fro heart conditions should also refer to their doctor to see if their are suitable for taking such pills or not. Being a completely natural products with herbs and roots limits the risks of interfering with other treatments.


Possible side effects


                There are no known side effects caused by the use of LIV 52 however, taking a much bigger dosage than recommended or mixing them with other liver stimulants might lead to some forms of light side effects such as nausea, stomach aches or vomiting.


Missed dose


                In case you missed a dose of LIV 52, try and take it as soon as you remember but not if the time for the next dose is close or more than four hours from the initial time has passed. If you miss a dose for a day, simply proceed with taking the pills normally the next day and skip the missed dose.




                Overdose from LIV 52 is likely to happen due to the tablets natural ingredients which pose no harm to the normal patient. However, exceeding the level of Himsra (Capparis spinosa) in your body, which is the main ingredient, might lead to stomach aches, light vomiting sensation or short nausea.




                Keep LIV 52 in cool and dry places, out of the reach of children and animals. Store it in its original box with the instructions inside, always out of extreme heat or humidity. Kept at 20-25 Celsius, out of sunlight, heat or moisture will grant you a safer and longer treatment. DO not use LIV 52 if expired and never dispose them in the toilet.



            All products presented at this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Don't hesitate to consult your health care practitioner before taking any herbal supplement.

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